is a solution to extend the life of second-hand garments and deadstock materials.

‘DailyMenu’ is a solution to extend the life of second-hand garments and deadstock materials.

Behind 'Daily Menu’ is Doriane van Overeem, Karolina Jurikova and Maximilian Rittler. Three young designers taking their responsibility as the next generation fashion designers seriously and sharing the same core values concerning sustainable methods. Humor, originality and frivolity are as present in theirwork as their quest for examination, critique and action. One doesn’t rule out the other. In fact, their creative playfulness and open minds sustain theirinnovative and visionary energy.

It’s ‘dumpster diving’ carried out intelligently, respectfully and in an organised way. Through collaborations with local suppliers and producers, the material sourcing and handling can be executed with a minimum level of resources and a maximum level of human interaction and knowledge exchange. Asynergy between creative, entrepreneurial and social forces.

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MAD - Home of Creators
Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10 Nieuwe Graanmarkt, 1000 Brussels

Wednesday to Sunday -
11 am - 6 pm 🌶

Selected and supported by the United Fashion project and MAD - Home of Creators, to develop a sustainable and affordable fashion collection, the ‘Daily Menu’ team has spent a year in close partnership and preparation.

From 1 April till 6 June, MAD Brussels gives the stage to 40 forward-looking designers and their creations during the United Fashion Festival.
Through an exhibition, an experimental fashion collection and a set of talks and workshops, the festival examines what fashion can be.