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This project is seen as an experiment to produce the most sustainable collection, exploring innovative ways to produce garments and minimize waste.

Daily Menu refers to the struggles that both the fashion industry as well as food industry have to face, their need to improve the production in a conscious and sustainable way.

We adapt the creation of this collection to the most sustainable structure possible – creating new design from old garments and mixing them with new styles carefully produced from deadstock materials.

Sustainable fashion incubator

We're 3 European designers to take part to this ecological fashion project, we have MAD Brussels and United Fashion institutions with us.

We’re Doriane Van Overeem from Brussels, Karolina Jurikova is based in Czech Republic and Maximilian Rittler from Antwerp Academy.

We all share equal values concerning the need of working resourcefully and the passion for the project and decided to implement upcycling as a main component within our work – a sustainable inclusive collection that is produced transparently and aims to share information about its process.





Hack the system

For fabrics it means to reach local designers and fashion houses : this is for both shirts and apron-dress. So far we sourced fabrics in Brussels from a designer's overstock based here and from Fratelli Conforti, only working with overstock from Italian factories.

For the other pieces, with the help of Les Petits Riens and De Kringwinkel, we upcycle existing garments and transform them . We collaborate with CiLAB (Mechelen)

Founded by Jan Merckx, Clinton Topley and Sibille Diederichs, CiLAB is a fashion workshop, created to promote the reuse of textiles and change customers behaviour towards the creation of new designs. Syrian refugees with considerable know-how in tailoring help us and add something very special to our mission.

Fashion is great.
It connects people and provides exchange.